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Is a photographic project I decided to run in November 2018 after taking a little bit of a step back from my hectic lifestyle, both social and work-based, which I have had since ever I can remember.


A question I asked myself in my period of self-reflection, was what home meant to me?


The only answer I kept coming up with is’ I don’t feel that I have a home. However sad as this might seem, I have a girlfriend, roof over my head living with family, a large group of supportive friends and a full-time job as Lecturer in a subject I am more than passionate about. So why did I not class myself having a home? Even though all of this is a very positive thing in my life, I clearly am craving something additional to make myself a home. I considered each different element of my current lifestyle to work out what I was craving so very much.

All of these factors of self-reflection have led me to start my journey of investigation into HOME. I attend to start my investigation by talking with people about my project and to get an understanding of what home means to them as individuals.

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